Central Management
File Sharing Solution

white-label, cloud sharing, local sync The platform lets users share files across PCs. Synchronization process provides deployment models, that solve enterprise problems with remote access to the most up to date files for all employees and automatic data backup when in the company network neighborhood.

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Admin rights
file sharing
Local Backup
all files to the local server after logon to the network
Silet client
application for files synchronisation
Cloud based proxy
sharing (on premise software)
Admin Console /
Multiple effective and efficient management tools. Admin can manage folder libraries, help businesses implement automatic file synchronization to the cloud. Server to Client file sharing - even behind firewalls.
Silent Client /
What do you need to do? Just install and log on. The administrator controls everything via a remote Admin Console.
User management made easy /
Administrators can create, activate, deactivate, disable users and connect them to predefined folders. Every client is able to get a new configuration every 30 seconds. User management is secure and simple.
Folder management /
Dropbox can synchronise everything in one folder. WarpSync can synchronise multiple folders in an operating system with access rights. Every file will synchronise with the administrator's configuration pull.
Local backup is needed
Every time your employees return to the office and do not synchronise projects folders, forget to input reports or backup their files on a corporate server - WarpSync will do it automatically. You can manage this on a cloud now!