Video Chat for Business

p2p video, white-label, video recording Different incarnation of video conversations, providing live feed and ‘duel control’ on screen annotating of footage. Now, not only can you talk with the each other, but you can also draw and annotate on the screen in real time. This annotation is seen both sides of the conversation at the same time. This allows clear communication and visually led discussion points to be made on screen.

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Video and txt
in live mode
with drawings for
offline mode sessions
Projects based
and realtime
and mobile
based applications
Conversation in the 'live mode' /
All parties in the conversation can draw on the screen simultaneously, with the results being visible to everyone. It is a great facility for technical support when something is hard to explain, you can just draw what you mean.
Recording on the server /
Videos can be made recorded directly to the server, allowing you to shoot a longer video without using the memory of your device.
Mobile and Desktop Applications /
The application is available on all mobile devices Android, iOS and all operating systems Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
On-site personnel can use the video feed to discuss with the offsite people any problems /
with clear communication and no unnecessary written descriptions or emails. Thanks Veeckuda you can show the problem and experienced employee in the office or elsewhere instantly allowing help and discussions utilising the on screen drawing capability. This increases the efficiency of discussions saving both time and money. All involved employees can then immediately access the video.
Voice Recording / You can record a video offline. /
You can record a video, voice as well as the on screen annotations. The tool can be applied across a variety of industries and trades, including: Building Auditing, Engineering and industrial operators, Interior design as well as in locations with no access to the internet.

Backend to manage rooms, recordings and files transmitted using the application in a given session. With the help of the communication panel administrator can easily manage projects and access to data stored on the server.