Team Based ScreenShot
and File Sharing Software

file and code sharing, screenshot editor, white-label Easily share anything, anywhere / QuickShover is more than just screenshots & quick recording: share images, videos, music, documents, code snippets, markdown files directly from your screen with various methods of capturing screenshots including full screen, window, monitor, region, freehand and scrolling.

scroll click
Unlimited drops
per user with private links and secure wiping
Password protected
links and one time access and drops expirations
Screenshots, files
code sharing with direct links and custom domain
Client customisation interfaces
web based backend
Designed for better team collaboration /
Use QuickShover on your desktop, tablet and phone to give feedback and share ideas.
Unlimited drops /
Become a sharing machine with infinite assets.
Password protection /
Protect important material with a password for an extra layer of security.
Private links /
Protect your drops from internets bots searching.
Encrypted traffic /
SSL encryption between client and server.
Theme customization /
Completely own the sharing experience with your own logo and select from our available themes.
Custom domain / white-label /
Add a custom domain name. No more `shover.us` when sharing files with colleagues, clients and partners.
Mobile Apps /
Android and iOS application with fully customisation.
Desktop Apps /
Windows and MacOSX - completely white-label software.
Attention drawing /
Quickly focus on what’s important using annotation and markup.